Online Personal Stylist

This service is perfect for someone who:

Remote Areas

Lives in a remote area or are geographically challenged and find it difficult to get to the shops

Media Wardrobe

Has a photo shoot or media related campaign and wants expert image advice to confirm outfits for scenes or/and characters or articulate the direction they want to go with fashion alignment of the set and occasion.

What is included and how does it work?

This service includes:

  • Style consultation: You will receive an assessment where you will be able to specify all your service needs. Consequently, we will work together to determine all the factors involved in your online personal stylist service. Weather it is a shoot, a wardrobe audit or just learning to dress for your body shape.  This will be done online by video calls and follow up emails. The more specific and diligent you are the more cost effective you will find this service.


  • Online record shop: an online record of your shopping list will be sent to your email. This will be determined after our final video call, where we will share our screen with you and take you through all the suggestions for your wardrobe additions. Also, we will be making all the links available to you so you can purchase what you need.


  • Summary of tips: You will receive a custom voice recording with all the tips and tricks discussed during our sessions.  This will help you to remember when you are implementing all the things learned at the comfort of your home/office.

Disclaimer:  Although we will give you our top recommendations for online shopping – My Image Stylist is not liable for garments delivery, fitting or contexture.

Due to different factors affecting time and aspects of the service, we need to discuss all your needs so we can make available to you a proper quote.  However, to have an idea, for a mini wardrobe audit where you have already worked out your outfits – prices will vary from $100 to $250.  If you need to update your wardrobe and learn to dress for your body shape – prices start from $450.

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