Time for change stylist offer


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With my ‘TIME FOR CHANGE’ styling offer here is what you will get:

  • lifestyle and personal style assessment (valued at $80)
  • Dedicated 4×4 universal system draping colour analysis session (valued at $220)
  • Colour analysis swatch with 60 colour options (valued at $70)
  • Swatch guide to learn how to use your swatch, combine colours, apply the colour theory to your outfits and apply the right makeup colour for your face shape (valued at $60)
  • Full and accurate vertical and horizontal body shape, face shape and bone structure assessment (valued at $140)
  • Your customised body and style 70 pages book, based on your measurements – From underwear to all kind of accessories, revealing what you need to wear and must avoid for your body, face shape, bone structure and style and teaching you how to mix and match (valued at $160)
  • Full wardrobe assessment and organisation with experienced tailoring and fitting advice at your place (valued at $500)
  • Onsite advice to dress for your body shape and mix and match, use line & design and focal points to highlight assets and camouflage the less desired areas (valued at $150)
  • A shopping list within your budget and suggested fashion stores that match your personal style, to create an effective capsule wardrobe reflecting all your lifestyle and saving you tones of time and money (valued at $150)

This offer has a total value of $1,530 but it will be yours for only $580 CRAZY VALUE EVER!