First, We invite to pause for a few seconds to learn about why colour analysis is important.

Color analysis is a tool to demonstrate how certain shades of colours are capable of being flattering or unflattering. This happens, by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when a specific colors is placed next to the individual.  It is scientifically proven that wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles and uneven skin tone, while the right – harmonious colours enhance natural beauty making the person appear healthy and fresh-faced.

We believe in the power of psychology and also the impact that colour has on it. As well as this, it is important to consider both the physical impact colour has on your appearance, and the impact a colour has upon the unique persona that one projects to the world.

  • Look healthier, radiant, more attractive and even YOUNGER!
  • Determine the colour of clothing and makeup that harmonise with your skin complexion, eye color, and hair colour
  • Coordinate your clothing and accessories with greater ease and avoid costly mistakes by purchasing items that are not within your colour palette
  • Obtain an accurate range of colour to look your finest
  • Access to your own Colour Swatch and accompanying
  • Avoid wasting money on online tools that attempt to predict your season

Within our 60 to 90 minutes draping assessment and personalised colour analysis consultation, I will also teach you how to use your own Colour Swatch and optimise it for the best colour results.

colour analysis consultant


Your Colour Swatch contains colour options that will show you:

  • what colours are recommended for you
  • the fabrics, textures and patterns that flatter you
  • your neutral, basic, core, accent and universal colours – how and when you need to wear them
  • how to mix and match colours and use it for occasions

The investment for our 1-to-1 colour analysis session is $250, plus $70 for your personalised Colour Swatch.  Group colour analysis consultation are available as well and you will find that there is a greater value for your image investment when combining services – take a look at our packages page.

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40-60 minute consultation – Receive expert styling advice, your customised fashion bible, and tools and tips to embrace your body shape so you look your best


Identify what colours complement you and the clothes that flatter your body shape, how to dress for your body, and what to avoid. Includes Styling Guide and Colour Analysis. Valued at $620, you will save $121

Better Value

Find out what packages will give you better value for money