First, ask yourself:

Why am I interested in an Image Makeover? Whether it is to expand your career, get a better position, feel more respected, be noticed or heard – an Image Makeover needs to be a personal choice that will help you love yourself more, look in the mirror and feel your best. An Image Makeover will give you more confidence, help you feel more secure and help you feel proud of how beautiful you are.

Experience a real appearance transformation that will bring to reality the best version of yourself.

The Style MakeOver is a Journey of Confidence, a journey where you will take control over your image and eliminate the image self doubts that make you feel less beautiful, less capable, less deserving. You don’t have to try different diets, go shopping all the time, buy the designer bag to feel more beautiful or ‘fit in’.  You just need to make a conscious decision to own who you are and project this with the best style.  I will help you to achieve that.

With this MakeOver – Journey of Confidence, done in three stages focusing on 12 main steps, we will:
  1. Set goals around what you want to achieve with your appearance and plan our MakeOver – Journey of Confidence
  2. Create a budget – I will work around your budget to add the pieces that you need to complete your wardrobe
  3. Start by creating your Styling Guide (your fashion bible), defining your personal style and coaching you how to dress for your body shape
  4. Decide on a new hair style that best defines your face features and complements your colouring
  5. Asses your colour season, by doing your Colour Analysis – to identify the colours that complement your skin complexion, hair and eyes.  You will get your own colour swatch and booklet
  6. Audit your wardrobe piece by piece, to decide what we will keep, tailor, donate and/or add to your wardrobe to make it effective for your new style
  7. Get a makeup consultation where we will review your Styling Guide and Color Analysis results – applying these to your makeup tutorial –  see MakeUp Lesson for all the details
  8. Go shopping to add the new pieces to complete your wardrobe and your new makeup colour range
  9. Review your new wardrobe and learn to mix and match
  10. Get the right hair style that we both agree on and put in practice your MakeUp tips
  11. Capture the moment through a professional photo featuring the best version of yourself. I will give you before and after photos, to remind you it was worth it!
  12. Create an action plan that will help you to keep the momentum going and be equipped to preserve your new image

The makeover is a journey that will be done in three stages, three sessions that preferably will take place within one to two weeks depending on your availability to fit in the three appointments/stages as follows:

  • 1: Goal and Budget Setting / Styling Guide / Colour Analysis (2.5 hours)
  • 2: Wardrobe Assessment / MakeUp consultation (3.5 hours)
  • 3: Personalised Shopping/ Hair & MakeUp Application / Photography / Action Plan (6 hours)
This service includes:
  • Styling Guide $300
  • Colour Analysis $250 + $70 Colour Swatch
  • Personalised Shopping (3 hours) $450
  • Wadrobe Analysis (3 hours) $450
  • Hair Style MakeOver $200
  • MakeUp Tutorial $70

Total Value $1790 – Bonus: Photography, Action Plans and Tatiana’s Boutique Accessibility

As if these bonuses were not enough – the great investment for our Journey of your total Image MakeOver is $1499, this represents a saving of $291. But just before you make your final decision…

*With this Makeover service I highly recommend to craft a solid Personal Brand. A great appearance will open doors. however, a defined Personal Brand will give real results to set and achieve your professional life goals and obtain the life you deserve. Please take a moment to find out more about our Personal Brand Consultation service.


Experience a real image transformation that will bring to reality the best version of yourself


Transforming your appearance, crafting a solid personal brand and creating an effective digital presence to influence and be more respected as a leader inyour networks and community

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