Are you someone who avoids going shopping because it is difficult to make fashion choices? Do you feel confused about what to wear, what to buy, or how to combine pieces? Do you consider that you spend lots of money shopping, but have little to wear?
  • Liberate the pressure of shopping and get the style and fashion solutions you need
  • Create a budget that works for you with expert guidance
  • Walk with purchases that you love, make sense and will be a joy to wear
  • Buy effective fashion purchases that make your wardrobe more practical
  • Get the best advice to ensure that you don’t waste money when shopping

By Tatiana Salazar, Image Consulting, consultant, personal brand expert

The investment for our personalised shopping solution is just $450 for a minimum of 3 hours – then $70 per 1/2 hour after that.

Are you hesitant?

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a couple of pieces that may or may not work for you (or that have limited combination options), consider a more effective solution that is attuned to your lifestyle and will equip you with choices to help you look stylish and confident.  All this agreeing to a budget we will both determine over a cuppa.

It is time to…

  • save money and time making the right decisions
  • shop with confidence
  • learn strategic tips for future shopping experiences
  • finally have fun when going shopping

It will be a pleasure to get to know you, find your needs, learn about your lifestyle and help you make fashion and styling decisions.

*We highly recommends accessing this service after the Styling Guide and Colour Analysis Assessments have been completed.  Get real styling solutions and invest your shopping money wisely by purchasing the clothes that suit your body shape and complement your skin complexion, eyes and hair colour.  Visit our packages page .


Let’s have fun and shop what you need to have a wardrobe of inspiration, save money and make you feel confident with your style


Save time and money with a wardrobe assessment of 2 hours and and a shopping trip of 3 hours to achieve a complete functional wardrobe. All in one day. Valued at $900 – representing savings of $200

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