Why spend the first hours of your day frustrated or confused about your wardrobe, not sure about what to wear or how to mix and match?  In your wardrobe assessment we will:
  • Make of your wardrobe a place of inspiration not frustration, cleaning the clutter and give you the wardrobe solutions you need.
  • Sit down with you to assess your lifestyle and make sure your new wardrobe is a reflection of that
  • Assess and organise your clothes from core clothing pieces to accessories and the right underclothing (right underclothing is essential for an effective look)
  • Give you lots of tricks on the spot and teach you how to make it easier and practical to mix and match
  • Together, we will review your garments piece by piece finding what you need to keep, donate/alter and add/replace to your wardrobe
  • We will create a wardrobe that has core/basic, complementary and statement pieces, emanating an effective selection of clothing

You won’t need to worry or avoid your wardrobe anymore! we will take care of it.

The investment for our wardrobe audit is $450 for up to 3  hours. Most wardrobes can be assessed within this time frame – extra hours are an investment of $90 each.

What’s in your wardrobe? Seems you might have a lot of clothes, yet you still have nothing to wear? If after this, you have considered going shopping again –  we would invite you to pause for a moment and think that, you could still go shopping but with a clear idea of what you need to complete your wardrobe, once we perform our audit on it. (How many pieces of clothing and fashion items have been in your wardrobe for years with little or not use at all after the fashion has passed?)

Ready to start creating outfits with what you already have?

When making your last decision and leaving this weight on my hands, I would like you to consider how much all those clothes have cost you that are now taking up space without earning their storage in your wardrobe?This is a real investment when we will go shopping in your wardrobe so that you don’t spend money and time buying clothes that you already have or don’t need.

*This service will take place on your personal wardrobe area, to make the best of it and for greater benefits,  Wardrobe Organisation is highly recommended to be done after the Styling Guide and Colour Analysis.   Find out more about our Image Consulting Packages for better value.


Let’s remove all your wardrobe frustration and create a wardrobe of inspiration


Save time and money with a wardrobe assessment of 2 hours and and a shopping trip of 3 hours to achieve a complete functional wardrobe. All in one day. Valued at $900 – representing savings of $200.

Better Value

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